SMFA Starter Kit

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Read the book? Love the podcast? Craving more but not yet ready to Get in Gear for the Next Tier? THIS is your SMFA Starter Kit!

This exciting collection includes the following:

  • SMFA Essentials: Representation Targeting (2 MP3s and a PDF covering the HOW behind landing a meeting with your “hell-yes” rep)
  • SMFA Essentials: Five Actor Foul-Ups (an MP3 and PDF workbook to help you remove any obstacles that *you* are creating for yourself)
  • SMFA Essentials: Casting Calendar (2 MP3s and a PDF outlining the seasons of casting and defining the various tiers you’ll jump to along your creative journey)
  • Self-Management for Actors 4th edition audiobook (17 hours of MP3s read entirely by the author, Bonnie Gillespie)

Plus… you get a FREE BONUS of Get in Gear — our 11-day email-based training series with daily action items and quick bursts of inspiration for getting your tools and your mindset READY for success thanks to a combination of audio, video, and PDF training modules. Wow!

This bundle is a great way to get your tools and your mindset fully up to ninja speed before engaging in more in-depth work with Bonnie Gillespie.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because this purchase contains *multiple* downloadables including a ZIP file of 17 hours of audio, please be patient with the amount of time it takes for the downloads to complete on your machine (do NOT download to your gadget — you can use iTunes to sync to your gadget after downloading to your computer). If you have *any* technical difficulties, please check our FAQ for what to do next.

No more excuses! It’s time to claim the career you crave!