SMFA Mastermind Group – Booked!



Congratulations! You’ve been cleared to join us for the ongoing mentorship of the SMFA Mastermind Group, meeting up to twice per month in hour-long sessions to jam about your career and get you moving to the next tier, faster. This is a really exciting way to stay committed and focused with guidance that helps you feel like you’re not all alone out there.

Collaboration will occur. Friendships will be fostered. Block-busting will happen. If you put in the work, the tier jumps will be impressive! But this isn’t some ol’ “bitch session.” Your membership allows you to meet with us for one hour once or twice per month, so you’ll show up with your thoughts organized and you’ll use your time wisely to get the most out of the focus we’re offering for you, each meeting. Between meetings, you’ll have exclusive access to our private forums to continue to discuss issues, share resources, and advance your career.

If you’ve found your way to this page, it is because you are cleared for takeoff to join us for guided masterminding. Hooray! Please do not share this link, as it’s for those who have completed the application and preliminary assessment process. Thanks!