SMFA Essentials: Representation Targeting



Now that you’ve got Your Bullseye sorted out and you’ve used that to master Show Targeting, it’s time to target the agents and managers who have direct access to the buyers out there who need to know you exist so that when your headshot comes across their desk, they immediately think, “Wow! This actor totally solves a problem that my favorite casting director has all the time! We should meet!”

Dropping breadcrumbs that make it easy for agents and managers to get excited about pitching you is totally ninja. Actors think the secret to success is landing an agent. No. It’s landing the *right* agent. No more “ho hum” representation. Through downloadable MP3s and a PDF, we’re targeting that “hell yes” rep and inspiring them to sign you.

NOTE: This module contains a *bonus* MP3 at no extra charge!