Scene Service



Actors often seek out new, better material to round out their demo reels, showing the buyers at the next tier what it is that they can do best. There are several “shoot your reel” services out there that say they provide original material for you and your shoot. More likely, you’re assessed by a consultant and then an existing scene is being pulled from a file because it matches you pretty well. Tweaks are made and you think you have an original scene. You and every other actor of your type who goes to that facility for this service believe it… and casting directors know better, because they see all the footage.

Keith Johnson delivers a ready-to-shoot short script that’s designed to be shot simply (no complicated physicality, locations, or props) so that you can shoot it on your own *or* at one of those facilities if you prefer. Most importantly, the scene features you doing your on-brand bullseye best, showcasing what it is that you should be booking in film and television at the next tier.

After you buy this service, you’ll provide your materials (headshot, resume, existing reel footage — if any) along with an idea of what you’re looking for in your scene (target shows, vibe, types of roles you play best). Then you’ll talk with Keith to go over the work on its basic levels (its reason for being, the subtextual needs).

Next, Keith will deliver your scene’s first draft. From there, you’ll get two more passes (edits) with Keith to be sure the scene fully fits your needs.

Then you’ll have a scene — custom crafted for you — that you can take anywhere to get shot, or shoot on your own with friends. You’ll be in charge of your own material and you’ll know why it exists the way it does.

Now that’s personal power.