Releasing the Struggling Artist Mindset



Join Bonnie Gillespie (Self-Management for Actors) and Bree Melanson (spiritual medium) for a glorious playback of an intensive teleseminar that will provide meaningful shifts in your creative career. You will be guided through a powerful journey to move past limitation, overcome fear, and shift into the career of your dreams through concise lessons, belief clearings, and effective tools to create success as an artist!

  • Session One: Unlock the Key to Your Subconscious — How to Unlock Your Subconscious Beliefs to Create Success and Abundance
  • Session Two: Excuses Be Gone — How to Move Past Limitations by Clearing Hidden Resentment and Stepping into True Empowerment
  • Session Three: Flipping Fear and Manifesting Success — How We Use Fear to Keep Us SAFE and How to Finally Flip It on Its Booty to Create New Pathways for Success and Confidence

These MP3s — nearly ten hours of content — are yours to keep, so these meditations and lessons will continue to help shape your alignment with your fullest creative self!

The balance of practical tools on living your most empowered creative life with powerful clearings of unconscious beliefs and limitations will transform your perception of your creative journey, bringing more joy and delight into your pursuit! The Self-Management for Actors curriculum blends beautifully with these meditations to help you move through everything from nerves to maladaptive coping mechanisms and from judgment to issues of self-worth. You will be amazed at the impact this course will continue to have for years to come!

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