Get in Gear for the Next Tier



100 days of daily motivation, strategy, and up-leveling focus in the shape of vids, MP3s, PDF workbooks, action items, and group powwows… categorized and presented in a gloriously progressive and manageable format so that you can finally cut through the NOISE of pursuing a creative career, move forward to the next tier, and find more joy along the way.

These 100 days are capped off with access to The SMFA Vault filled with Self-Management for Actors goodies and never-before-seen deliciousness. This is a treasure chest filled with goodness that Bonnie Gillespie has only ever shared with her mastermind group members and ongoing private coaching clients.

Your initial membership ($500) is a four-month term. That’s the 100 days of daily inspiration plus 20 days unlimited access to The SMFA Vault. Poke around, stay engaged with your creative community at the private grads-only Facebook group, become a mentor, revisit any of your 100 days, go nuts!

After that, your membership switches over to a low monthly membership structure (about a buck a day, yo) so that you can continue to consume the goodies in The SMFA Vault, restart the 100-day challenge if you need another boost of badassery, stay connected with us about your creative career, become a mentor (score free coaching!), and of course enjoy the NEW offerings we’re constantly adding to The SMFA Vault!

This experience is unlike any we’ve ever offered in that it combines the passionate intensity of our FREE Get in Gear program with the longform support and structure that fortifies muscles you CRAVE using in your creative pursuit. The strength you’ll build will astound you. The momentum for your brilliant career will delight you. And the JOY you will find as we jam about all things ninja will keep you blissed out about a business that previously confounded and frustrated you!

Yes, we offer a payment plan if you’d like to split the initial payment up a bit, then head into $30/mo. ongoing membership on Day 121.

Head over here to watch some testimonials, get more details about our life-changing program, and then come on in and join us on a 100-day journey to take your career — and your life — to the next tier!