Expansive Capacity



Rebuilding from within so that our creative journey can be a life with less struggle is no small task. More than anything else, it takes a sometimes uncomfortable level of self-awareness, a commitment to keep showing up for the work even when it’s confronting or triggering or just plain boring, and a level of self-love most never allow themselves.

Being on your own side is one of the boldest, most terrifying things you’ll ever do. It’s also addictive, contagious, and beautifully freeing on every level that’s ever held you back… if you’re willing to really go there.

This mind-body mastermind is a deep study in fortifying and maintaining “enoughness” (Bonnie Gillespie) as we bust through the blocks that are collectively “resistance” (Steven Pressfield) and “upper-limit problems” (Gay Hendricks).

Each month, we will work on a particular theme or topic or block. Each month, there will be prompts with instructions for deep work that has the potential to unlock your potential for growth in many areas. Each month, we will host a live interactive meeting for discussion about the work we’re doing and of course to answer any questions you have. And throughout the month, we’ll be jamming in the private course pages at the dojo to truly uplevel our work together.

If you’d like to apply for membership in this ongoing mentorship, please visit the application form to start the process. (Yes, we’ve been told that the application process itself is filled with immensely illuminating tools that provide incredibly powerful insights into the YOU we know you’re capable of letting yourself become.) Thanks! We’ll be in touch!

For more details about Expansive Capacity, go here.

Topic for July: Your Relationship with Permission
Application Deadline: June 25th

Topic for August: Your Relationship with Fear
Application Deadline: July 26th