Dip Kit



In this creative life, we all experience dips. Avoiding “the downs” isn’t the goal; being able to climb out of those spaces before we suddenly find ourselves in a full-on spin-out is.

Bonnie Gillespie has created The SMFA Dip Kit, designed specifically to help you through those lower spots, through a combination of list-making (1 PDF) and pep-talking (2 MP3s) so you can customize YOUR best strategy for being able to turn a dip around, and fast!

Purchasing this product gets you access to a members-only page in the DOJO, so be on the lookout for your username and password, plus link to the Dip Kit, via email. (Related: tips for making sure our emails get to you.) Feel free to jam with us in the comments once you’re on the inside!

Happy dip management!