JFDI: Content Plan-a-Thon

$300.00 $150.00


This interactive Zoom work-along session with Bonnie Gillespie is mind-blowingly cool. It’s a spin-off of the JFDI with Bon membership and *boy* does it stand tall on its own!

Bonnie will walk you through her soon-to-be-famous 5×5 content creation strategy (this is how she maps out a YEAR of blog posts, email newsletters, social media posts, podcast episodes, and livestream topics in one sitting) and you’ll have the chance to work through some blocks during the brainstorming session.

Important: This Zoom will go on for *at least* 3 hours — so bring a snack — and be ready to come out of this session with up to A WHOLE YEAR of content planned out, and with the energy and strategy for executing that year-long plan from here!

Yes, really.

Even if you’re certain there’s no way you could be that freakin’ prolific. Even if you usually get stuck after brainstorming three so-so ideas. Even if you talk yourself out of “bugging people” with emails or even if you hate social networking. If you’ve ever wanted to ramp up the KLT (know-like-trust) factor in your brand-building (whether this is for your showbiz career or the side-hustle that helps you pay the bills while you live your dreams), this is for you.

You will connect with Bon on Zoom, dive in on her 5×5 content creation process, and stop at EACH stage of the work to roll up your sleeves and PLAN OUT your content calendar! This will be its own (virtual) writers room where you can workshop your copy, bounce ideas around, and talk about what “rules” exist about best times of day/days of the week/times of the year to share in what kind of ways. From here on out, digging in on your content-generating process will be a breeze.

This Zoom work session will be recorded. You’ll have access to the recording and the chat log and the 5×5 content creation process map, as well as an open comments area for follow-up. Building these muscles that will serve you for a lifetime of brand-building. Woo HOO!