Casting Qs: A Collection of Casting Director Interviews



Casting Qs is a compilation of more than 120 interviews with casting directors in Los Angeles and New York, all of which originally appeared in Bonnie Gillespie’s weekly Backstage column of the same name, 1999 to 2003.

Casting directors are the gatekeepers to every producer, director, and filmmaker in the entertainment industry. Their ability to size up an actor’s fit to a role allows them to filter the thousands of potential actors into the handful the decision-makers will see for one role. Actors must have an understanding of their process!

Certain actors have an edge over their competition. Part of that edge comes from being keenly aware of what casting directors are looking for. That awareness — and an actor’s edge — starts here.

Other casting director guides on the market are not as comprehensive or as business-minded as Casting Qs, as Bonnie’s experience as a former actor allows her to ask questions on behalf of working actors everywhere.

NOTE: This book is officially “out of print” at and if you can grab a copy on auction for under $50, that’s pretty awesome, lately! 😉