Aligned Advantage with The Astrologer’s Daughter



In this ongoing membership, we’ll meet on Zoom for a group astrology consultancy session each month to preview the calendar for the month ahead. We’ll go through all of the advantages available to us including when we’ll feel most like blasting through our to-do lists and when to give ourselves some much-needed downtime (because we’re just gonna frustrate ourselves if we push against the prevailing energy out there).

We’ll also tackle a deep-dive on an astrological or numerological area that will enhance our navigation of daily life (like ancient predictive arts, timing techniques, etc.).

There will be time for Q&A in this group meeting and all sessions are recorded for you to review in the membership portal, where there’s also plenty of discussion throughout the month in the comments.

We are so excited to welcome you fully into the aligned advantage that is simply leaning into the energy that each day is already unfolding for us! Oh, by the way… Charlsie is loving every minute of this. 🙂

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