Aligned Advantage with The Astrologer’s Daughter



When I came home from school, crying about bullies, I was never met with the usual, “Oh, honey, they’re just jealous.” Nope, as the astrologer’s daughter, I got, “Oh, honey, you know your Venus is afflicted in Leo.”

Somehow, this was a very comforting framework from which to learn how to navigate the world. But it was also pretty taboo in some circles, so I did the safe thing and kept my woo-woo properly tucked away ’til I felt I could trust someone with the truth of my upbringing.

Over the years, my use of tools like numerology, the astrological elements, and of course the good ol’ zodiac has worked its way into my coaching sessions more and more. Finally, I not only stopped fighting it but leaned into it.

Um… and this is really potent stuff, y’all.

In this monthly membership, we’ll meet on Zoom for a group session each month to preview the calendar for the month ahead. We’ll go through all of the advantages available to us including when we’ll feel most like blasting through our to-do lists and when to give ourselves some much-needed downtime (because we’re just gonna frustrate ourselves if we push against the prevailing energy out there).

There will be time for Q&A in this group meeting and all sessions will be recorded for you to review in the membership portal, where there will also be plenty of discussion throughout the month in the comments.

We are so excited to welcome you fully into the aligned advantage that is simply leaning into the energy that each day is already unfolding for us! Oh, by the way… Charlsie is loving every minute of this. 🙂

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