Acting Qs: Conversations with Working Actors



Acting Qs: Conversations with Working Actors contains real convos with working actors at different tiers — Broadway darlings, feature film heartthrobs, commercial pitchmen, sitcom series regulars, standup comedians, and on-air personalities. Their candid stories focus on the creative process and maintaining emotional balance in a difficult profession and are humorous and motivational. A photograph and biography accompany each first-person account.

This book, by Bonnie Gillespie and Blake Robbins (with foreword by Tom Fontana), features:

  • how they got their first agents
  • how they prepare for roles
  • who their favorite actors are
  • how they chose LA or New York
  • what’s really important

Acting Qs is both an inspirational volume for aspiring actors and a delightful peek into the personal lives of the actors whose work we know so well.

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