5×5 Content Planning Method



Never again struggle with planning out your content. Seriously. Never!

In this on-demand training, Bonnie will demonstrate her soon-to-be-famous 5×5 Content Planning Method (this is how she maps out a YEAR of blog posts, email newsletters, social media content, podcast episodes, and livestream topics in one sitting).

Using this method, you too will be able to get up to A WHOLE YEAR of content planned out, and you’ll feel GREAT because you’ll have the energy and strategy for executing that year-long plan from there!

Yes, really.

Even if you’re certain there’s no way you could be that freakin’ prolific. Even if you usually get stuck after brainstorming three so-so ideas. Even if you talk yourself out of “bugging people” with emails or even if you hate social networking. If you’ve ever wanted to ramp up the KLT (know-like-trust) factor in your brand-building (whether this is for your showbiz career or the side-hustle that helps you pay the bills while you live your dreams), this is for you.

This training will be available by November 1st! YOU ARE PRE-ORDERING AT THIS TIME!!

This recorded training includes a downloadable 5×5 Content Planning Method workbook and process map. If you’d prefer an interactive experience, in which Bon will guide you through each step of this work, please check out Bonnie’s 5×5 Content Plan-a-Thon. For more info, check out bonniegillespie.com/5×5!