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Over the years, I've worked with hundreds of creatives on typing, show targeting, researching representation, creating content, pitching, networking, brand-building, and tier-jumping of all kinds. My clients include Emmy nominees, professional athletes, recording artists, film festival darlings, agents and managers, fellow casting directors, and -- of course -- lovely actors who have just made a leap to a tier for which they need some guidance, because navigating this next level of success feels "make or break" in nature.

Longform coaching takes place in person if you're based in Los Angeles (or when I travel to your city on SMFA Tour) or via Skype. My 15-minute mini-coaching sessions are phone-only (recorded for you to keep), and are usually best used as tune-ups between our longer sessions. AB 1319 paperwork and scheduling happens via links you'll receive in an email, once payment is completed.

For the Get in Gear program, these mini-coaching phone sessions are exclusively for a review of your course homework. Should you wish to work on issues outside the Get in Gear curriculum, we can tack on another regularly-priced mini-session to create a half-hour phoner that allows us to explore principles beyond the scope of your 11 days of work. Please reach out to us should you wish to explore this option.

If you've found your way to this page, it is because you are cleared for takeoff for this very special BONUS coaching session as a "graduation check" of your time enrolled in Get in Gear. Please do not share this link, as it's for those who have either completed the application and preliminary assessment process *or* who have taken advantage of this amazing deal to elevate our 11-day email-based training series into something far more in-depth and personal. Thanks!

I'm stoked to jam with you on your next tier jump!

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