SMFA Tune-Ups: All-Access

Self-Management for Actors is an amazing book filled with resources galore. But sometimes you need a check-in for your ninja action. That's where the SMFA Tune-Ups come in.

For your annual subscription at the ALL-ACCESS level, you'll join us for monthly group phone calls (at 2:30pm Pacific on the 11th of every month); receive the MP3 recording of the calls (even if you weren't able to participate live); get priority placement in the queue for Q&A on the larger quarterly calls (also with those MP3 recordings); enjoy exclusive access to our private members-only discussion forum; nominate your materials for the weekly SMFA All-Access Materials Review process; *and* get a private one-on-one tune-up call in each quarter of your annual membership to be sure your ninjosity is at its badassiest.

Private tune-up? Yup. It's basically your own little private coaching session, one-on-one with Bon, recorded live (and you get that recording too, so you can stay inspired between sessions). Wow! This is the good stuff!

At a ridiculous discount over what each of these elements would be otherwise (see for yourself), this annual mentorship offering is our most exciting to provide to SMFA Ninjas worldwide!

Price: $400.00

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