SMFA Retreat

The Self-Management for Actors one-day retreat with Bonnie Gillespie is all about giving a good workout to those weakest actor muscles: the ones that focus on the business side of your career.

We only offer this four times a year!

In our jam-packed day-long retreat, we'll cover:

  • primary type and your actor brand -- discover your brand umbrella
  • targeting people who consistently cast your type -- eliminate noise and actor busy work
  • targeting best-fit agents and managers and even coaches and photographers -- everyone has a brand
  • marketing materials -- you may have been lied to about what you "must" do
  • self-taping -- the most empowering way to take control of your creative career
  • how to get on casting directors' radar when "the usual stuff" isn't working -- here's where it gets ninja
  • identifying and reducing bad actor habits -- mindset, yo; it's big
  • developing your personal pitch -- "So tell me about yourself" gets good here
  • rocking networking events and online connections -- always while remaining on-brand
  • connecting with a supportive, encouraging, no-bullshit group of people

...all while having a blast!

Ready to join us for a day of immersion in all things Self-Management for Actors?

Next up: Saturday, April 28, 2018 in Los Angeles! 🙂

Price: $225.00

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