SMFA Online

Experience our SMFA Intensive from anywhere in the world!

Self-Management for Actors is built upon four pillars: understanding your most castable type and brand, targeting and then marketing in alignment with your tier trajectory, creating content that showcases the storyteller you were born to be, and making networking and pitching feel effortless!

As always, we infuse a healthy dose of mindset into our work together and we are super excited to offer this online interaction to actors and other creative storytellers worldwide!

The experience includes a one-day intensive packed with live, interactive video instruction broken down into each of the four pillars of SMFA. Between each segment, we'll jam in our private Facebook group to work out the principles we've just covered!

You will get going on identifying your most castable type and brand, you'll explore the SMFA targeting methods like never before, perhaps you'll connect with collaborators for creating your next bit of content to showcase your brilliance to your buyers, and everyone will pitch and receive feedback on the ever-popular "So, tell me about yourself..." prompt!

Each vid segment will be recorded and you'll receive access to the recordings should you not be around to experience the whole class session live. Heck, even if you're with us for the whole intensive, you'll get to replay the recordings too!

We'll continue to jam in the private Facebook group actively for one week. This allows you to post more homework in discovering your brand umbrella or working out the kinks of your pitch. After that week is over, you may stay in the membership area to continue working out the Self-Management for Actors principles as you wish 'til our next session starts up! (Of course, should you choose to return for another round, you qualify for deals like the ninja you are!)

Our next LIVE interactive session is COMING SOON! Stay tuned! Once we announce the big interactive day, we'll be going all day long! Ready to claim your spot? Let's DO this!

Price: $99.00

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